2020 Memberships

Working Memberships – $300

Each year you fulfill work requirements will qualify you for $50 off the following year. After 6 years membership is FREE!


  • FREE open rides 
  • FREE camping on open ride days
  • Week day access
  • EVENT WEEKENDS you receive FREE gate entry and FREE Camping


  • must work the 3 event weekends
  • If you fail to meet the requirements at any point you will have to start over and pay full price your next year

Working additional hours may qualify you for free membership next year!

Non -Working Memberships – $450


  • FREE open rides
  • Weekday access
  • FREE Camping on open ride day

Non-working members still pay gate and camping fees on event weekends

Kids only Memberships – $200

This membership is designed for families that only have children riding and requires 65cc or less. A parent must always be present while riding!

  • FREE open rides for the child
  • Week day access
  • FREE gate pass for the child on event weekends
  • FREE Practice on event weekends for the child 
  • FREE Camping for the family 

If there are multiple children in the residence ONLY $100 extra per child 

Family Memberships

Initial membership +$100 for each additional member (+$50 if under 65cc). Family Members must share a residence to qualify.

*Working members over the age of 16 must work one additional event per membership

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*All memberships sales are final at purchase and non-refundable. Memberships are good for marked year and are subject to change following year.*

Membership Rules

  • If any members are caught letting people ride that are not members or have not signed the proper paperwork there membership will be revoked immediately.
  • must have another person present to ride during the week. That person must sign necessary documents and can not ride on property unless they are a member as well.