2019 Memberships

Kids only Memberships – $200

  • free open rides
  • free gate pass for child and parents on event weekends
  • free practice on event weekends
  • weekday access
  • free camping

This membership is for families that only have children riding and Requires:

  • 65cc or less
  • child must have parent present while riding

Working Memberships – $300

  • free open rides
  • free gate fees & practice on event weekends
  • free camping
  • weekday access
  • fulfill requirements and recieve $50 off following years membership


  • must work a minimum of 50 hours a year
  • must work a minimum of 2 event weekends (hours during count towards 50)
  • must have another person present while riding at the track on weekdays

Family Memberships

  • Initial membership +$100 for each additional member ($50 if under 65cc)
  • working members over the age of 16 must work an additional 10 hours per membership

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*All memberships sales are final at purchase and non-refundable. Memberships are good for marked year and are subject to change following year.*