Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier

This weekend’s races are open to anyone, whether you’re trying to qualify for Loretta’s or not.  This event is a qualifier for the North Central Youth Regional (June 24 and 25 th Mt. Carroll, IL), and the North Central Amateur Regional (June 10 th and 11 th Millville, MN).  You cannot enter either of those events unless you qualify through North Central Area Qualifier.

If you’re trying to qualify, you must pay the $10 MX Sports fee and turn in the MX Sports form before you race! You can’t come back after your race and say you wanted to qualify.

Click for the list of MX Sports classes and qualifying days. Half of the classes qualify on Saturday and half on Sunday.

In addition to the MX Sports classes we also will be running. Pee Wee Open (Sunday), Women (Sunday),+25 Masters (Saturday), +40 Vet (Saturday).

In most cases, there will be racers in your moto who are not trying to qualify.  Those riders will not be included in the official results sent to MX Sports.  In the event there are 42 or more entries in a class (we have 40 gates), we’ll split the class into separate divisions according to who’s trying to qualify and who’s not.

If you’re riding a stock class, there may be racers in your moto with a mod bike because they’re not trying to qualify. Again, those racers will not be included in the official results we send to MX Sports.

You can find all the national rules, classes, qualifier dates, results and more at mxsports.com.

Weekend Format

50cc Sr classes will practice and race on the whole track, weather permitting. 50cc Jr class will be required to go down the ski jump and up the next hill, then they will be routed back to the starting straightaway to start the next lap.

FRIDAY is an open practice day.  Three rounds of practice.  Tentative start time is 9am; please check back for updates.  Friday practice is weather permitting.

This is NOT an Open Riding day and will not use the Open Riding schedule.  Groups TBA.

SATURDAY is a normal 2-moto race day format.  Practice starts at 7:30am with riders meeting immediately following. Practice order is TBD

SUNDAY is a normal 2-moto race day format.  Practice starts at 7:30am with riders meeting immediately following. Same practice order as Saturday.


Gates Open @ 6 p.m. Thursday & remain open all weekend, including overnight!

Admission Prices
Daily gate fees for all racers and for spectators age 5 & up.
Thursday | $30, Wristband good thru Sunday. $20 parking/vehicle.
Friday | $30, Wristband good thru Sunday. $20 parking/vehicle.
Saturday | $30, Wristband good thru Sunday. $10 parking/vehicle.
Sunday | $10

- If you’re not racing Sunday, keep your wristband on! If you leave by 7pm, stop at the front gate and they’ll remove your wristband and give you a $10 refund.
Registration Hours & Prices
Friday | 8 am - 3 pm, Practice registration only. $25 per GROUP
Friday | 1 pm - 8 pm, Saturday race registration only. $35 per race entry. $10 per class MX Sports fee if you're trying to qualify.
Saturday| 6 am, Saturday race registration only. $35 per race entry. $10 per class MX Sports fee if you're trying to qualify.
Saturday | TBA, Sunday registration will be open 30 min after the last race Saturday. Listen for announcements.
Sunday | 6 am, $35 per race entry. $10 per class MX Sports fee if you're trying to qualify.

- Saturday & Sunday are separate events. You can race either day, or both days.
- Cash and checks accepted at registration, NO CREDIT CARDS. 

AMA membership required for all racers also District cards are mandatory.  Save time at the track andjoin AMA online Bring the confirmation page from your online registration or be ready to show proof you renewed/purchased it. You can join at the track if needed.  Full membership is $49.

The following discounted full memberships are available at the track but NOT online: Youth racer membership (age 11 and under) is $29.  Please note you cannot race with an Associate Membership.

You will be required to have one of the following if you have a minor racing:

– Annual AMA Minor Release Card for 2017
– BOTH parents at signup as well as the minor
– IF only one parent will be at the track and you do not have the Annual Release Card issued by the AMA, then you will need to print off the form and have it notarized with both parents signature and bring to the track in order to race! One form per DAY! IF you are racing both Saturday and Sunday, you need TWO notarized forms!

There will be NO exceptions to this rule! Save time in line by getting your Annual Release Form prior to the race!

More Information and Resources
No Rv hook ups available, No Pit Riding, Pets must me on a leash at all times.

Click for a list of MX Sports Qualifier Classes



We look forward to a great weekend of racing, good sportsmanship, respect, and great camaraderie!

Please follow the rules as they will be enforced!

Thank you for supporting Sugar Maple MX!